06 May 2011

John Rosselli Antiques – Chandeliers, Lanterns & Sconces, Oh my!

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As an avid lover of French and Asian antiques, stepping into John Rosselli Antiques took my breath away.  The shop is a large gallery of objets d’art.

Lanterns, Mirrors, Sconces, Furniture, Pottery - Beauty everywhere you look!

I don’t know about you, but typically most shops have a few items that catch my eye and make me covet them.  But everywhere I looked in John Rosselli Antiques, I found something I loved.

This lantern makes me feel transported to another world

On the back wall in the photo above are a pair of sconces I would love to have for my new dining room.  See, for the past few months, in addition to focusing on client projects, my husband and I made the decision to downsize and live a Slow Home life.  This entailed staging our former home, selling said home (not so easy in this slow Florida housing market), and then moving into a temporary apartment for a month or so.  And now we are in the process of moving into our new abode.  Consequently, I don’t yet have time to showcase all the wonders of John Rosselli Antiques in one blogpost, so I’ll just tantalize you with an array of some of the beautiful lighting.


I apologize for the blurry photograph but I just had to show you this cool star shaped pendant lighting fixture.

An unexpected star to liven the mix

And this is just a sample of the beautiful lighting to be found in John Rosselli Antiques.

Entrance of John Rosselli Antiques

In the next post, I’ll show you the fabulous mirrors…or maybe the outstanding collection of blue and white pottery…or maybe the beautiful furniture…

Which would you like to see next?

02 Dec 2010

The Beauty of Things Remembered, Part 2: Decorating with Holiday Memories

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Beauty is often captured in our memories and never is this more true than during the holidays, be it Christmas, Chanukah or any other celebration.  So walk with me and consider:  what will you do to bring alive your memories or create new ones this holiday season?

Even our grand-dog couldn't wait to get in on the action on Christmas morning

When I was a child, Christmas was about Santa and the pile of brightly wrapped gifts under the tree.  I can still vividly remember searching the house looking for where Mom hid the gifts, posing on Christmas Eve in our pajamas holding our stockings, and waiting for Mom and Dad to wake up (usually at 6am) so my brother and sisters and I could swoop downstairs to tear into our presents.  After the piles of wrapping paper were collected, Mom would make scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee, with hot chocolate and marshmallows for us kids.  And when I got married and had my own kids, I continued that tradition.  One of my favorite coffees is Reindeer Blend by Caribou Coffee for our Christmas morning.

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12 Nov 2010

A Beautiful Day at the Beach

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Sand Key

It’s Day 3 of my daughter’s visit and since she lives in the middle of Pennsylvania, far away from any beach (and from us), we all decided a day at the beach would be the perfect mini vacation.  Even though it’s November and much too cold to lounge on the sand in much of the country, it’s perfect beach weather in southwest Florida.  Not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right, as Goldilocks would say.

For those of you wishing for one last summer hurrah or who are already shivering, I hope you enjoy this as a little virtual escape.  It’s finally gorgeous here, the kind of weather I wait for all year.  My reward after the hot, humid summer where I feel like a wilted hothouse flower!

hot & humid is not my natural state of being!

I rationalize that the long, hot and humid summers are comparable to the bitter cold and gray days of winter up north.  Except I don’t need the heavy coat, gloves, scarf, hat, and boots.  I like wearing boots though and I’m happy to live in the Tampa Bay area because it does get cold enough to wear blazers and boots for a month or two.

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10 Nov 2010

Throw Yourself into Comfort!

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Williams Sonoma

After a few teasing days of chilly weather, the temperatures are back in the 80s here in Florida.

It's still warm here!

But it won’t be much longer before we Floridians with our thinned blood will be shivering!  Rather than raising the thermostat and your heating bill, why not stay warm by cuddling up with a warm throw?

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05 Nov 2010

The Beauty of Things Remembered, Part 1

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Sunset at Clearwater Beach, FL

Whenever I see beauty, whether it be an object, an event in nature, or in a person’s soul, it makes my heart smile. Beauty to me is a glimpse into the heart of God, and that creates joy.  But what makes something beautiful to us?  This is what I seek to learn about each of my clients.  It’s a hunt for the key that will unlock the way to give my clients the joy of living in a beautiful home.  Being surrounded by beauty makes my heart sing, and I want that experience for my clients.

We all have our own definition of beauty – whether or not we know what it is – but the joy of beauty is an emotion we all share.  I’m always on the lookout for beauty and it’s not hard to find if one is looking, but it is easy to pass by.  As an example, I’m a sucker for cute puppies.  In fact I love the Advantix TV commercials, I actually want to watch them!  One of my favorites:  Advantix cute puppies commercial

When it involves nature or children or puppies and kittens, most people would agree they are touched by their beauty.  When it comes to man-made objects, we are drawn to certain things, and what one considers beautiful may have no effect on another.

When I visited New York City, I fell in love.  I fell in love with the architecture.  I fell in love with the tall buildings snuggled close, huge blocks of stone and brick fashioned decades ago into beautiful homes and shops.

I'd love to live here

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