Digital Design Preview

Just about everybody has a hard time visualizing how a window treatment would look on their window.  Imagine if you could “see” what different designs would look like before you order!  I want  you to be thrilled with your new window treatment, so I offer “Digital Design Preview.” Using a special software program, I design different window treatments right on top of a photo of your window.  This way you can see how different designs would look and choose the design that you like best.  This is a very popular service which all my clients have found very helpful!

Here is a typical “before” photo.

Here is the before photo

Here is the Digital Design Preview below, so you can “see” how the room would look with this style window treatment.  Already you can see how this window treatment gives that special “je ne sais quoi” to add pizzazz and warmth to this master bedroom.

Digital Design Preview

And here is how the room looks with the window treatment installed.

The finished window treatment, new wall color & pillows

Would Digital Design Preview help you decide which design you like best?