Design Philosophy

What I absolutely love-love-love about interior design is the creative design process, the happy satisfaction I get from helping people discover their own style, their inner creativity.  It’s the joy that springs from the synergism of collaborating together to create a space that perfectly reflects who they are and how they want to live in their home.  It’s a partnership not a dictatorship.

As an award winning designer who specializes in residential interior design and decoration, I believe our homes should be our sanctuary, our place of supreme comfort that supports who we are and how we want to live, where we can be  totally relaxed and at ease to  connect with family or friends.  How we construct our surroundings reflects our inner  state of mind, and conversely, our surroundings influence how we feel and think, whether we’re aware of it or not. Too often, our homes do not express who we really are, and this  disconnect results in a subtle discomfort that affects our well-being.  We humans are innately drawn to beauty–it’s engrained in our DNA–and we’re programmed that way because beauty is beneficial.  A well designed space can help you concentrate or relax, encourage socializing or contemplation, and lift your spirits or calm you down.

This is why I love design, to bring my clients the joy and delight of bringing out the beauty inside them and expressing it in their homes.  In my design process, I get to know my clients to learn what will best express their sense of beauty.  My clients learn a lot too about good design and their personal style.  And when family members have differing styles, I work to make sure that the design is mutually pleasing and expressive.

My approach to interior design is collaborative, drawing out the wishes and dreams of my clients, and steering them to the choices that best express their inner beauty.

Whether you want an hour or two to get professional guidance, or you want to design your entire home, I can help you create the home of your dreams.  Call or email me today to see how I can help you create Interior Beauty in your home.