Vignette Modern Roman Shades

We love sunshine, but too much in our homes can cause uncomfortable glare as well as fading of furniture and wood floors.  Vignette Modern Roman Shades protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays.   Vignette also offers a stylish way to filter the light, reduce glare and provide privacy. Almost every home in Florida has sliding glass doors, often more than one.  Vignette shades can be traversed with Vertiglide to provide a stylish solution. Click here for a short video showing Vignette on a sliding glass door.  Vignette Traversed Vignette offers a stylish solution for sliding glass doors vignette_traversed_feature

Vignette can be lowered from the top for light with privacy

Vignette can be lowered from the top for light with privacy


Vignette is also available in special shapes.



Vignette gives style and privacy even to doors


Special shapes, Top Down/Bottom Up, Sliding Glass Doors


The traditional 4″ contoured fold is soft yet modern



A 6″ flat fold is crisp and sophisticated


The Tiered option allows shades to stack up, down, or anywhere in between.

Vignette Architella offer HunterDouglas’ most energy efficient Vignette design.  They trap air, creating an extra air of insulation to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Cool in the summer, warm in the winter

Vignette is available in a wide choice of operating systems, including Literise (cordless), UltraGlide (unique retractable cord), Top Down/Bottom Up, EasyRise continuous cord, and Vertiglide. You can also control your Vignette from your phone or tablet.  This means you can set your blinds to movie mode, work mode, or 8am mode with the touch of a button, without leaving your seat.  It’s effortless, fun and smart, with perfectly smooth operation. hd_details_mobile To schedule a complimentary consultation to see Vignette in your home and explore the many fabrics and operating systems, contact me at (727) 415-2097 or