07 May 2015

To Market, To Market: the High Point Furniture Market, Spring 2015

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A calm moment at the transportation terminal

Just a few weeks ago, I attended the Great Granddaddy of all the to-the-trade shows, the High Point Market.  When I tell my clients I’m going to High Point, they assume it’s basically like one of the big furniture stores.  I tell them, no, it’s way bigger than that.  In a word, the market is ENORMOUS.

  • High Point Market is spread over 11.5 million square feet of showspace, which my husband/biz partner Charles calculated is equivalent to 600 football fields.
  • The market takes place over 6 days, both spring and fall.
  • 75,000 buyers and designers come to each market.  I was one of them.
  • About 10% of attendees come from outside the US.
  • Over 100 countries are represented.
  • There are more than 2,000 exhibitors in 180 buildings.  Imagine going to 2,000 furniture stores in 6 days.  It’s not possible, even if your feet could walk that far that quick.
  • There are tens of thousands of new product introductions.
  • The market happens only 2X a year, and for the other 353 days, almost all the buildings are closed.
  • But in the spring and fall, interior designers and buyers swarm to High Point, NC to search for the new and unique.  That is why I went (and Charles came too.)

No matter what you’re looking for, the market will have it.  Antiques, Accessories, Art, Rugs, Lighting, Mirrors, and of course, Furniture.  And just about anything else that goes into furnishing and decorating a home, hotel, corporate offices, or retail shops.  But while the market authority and vendor showrooms go all out to woo buyers, providing free shuttles from the airport, hotels, and around market, and while there are complimentary lunches and dinners, free cocktails in the afternoon, even music concerts in the evening, it is hard work.  Really.  Just because it’s also exhilarating and fun doesn’t mean it’s also not hard work!

You don’t just show up.  The market requires advance planning, lots of stamina, and comfortable shoes, oh yes, comfortable shoes.  Either that or lots of bandaids and pain ointment.

But on to the fun part…the eye candy!

This living room is a stunning example of subtle textures, repeated motifs, and bold colors.  The cherry blossom cabinet has doors that are ingeniously hinged to open fully and fold back.  It can accommodate up to a 100″ TV — no movie theater ever looked so good!  The cherry blossom motif is repeated on the curved sofas and echoes the bold flame color of the chairs, ottomans and pillows.

Ambella Home


Kristin Drohan of Kristin Drohan Colleciton

Bold color combinations were abundant, especially using blue in its indigo and navy shades as with this animal print inspired queen bed above.  The tall headboard makes the bed appear smaller, but it’s definitely a queen…and fit for a queen too!



A bedroom of pale green walls and a soft pink upholstered bed with matching faux leather bench goes from sweet to  dramatic with bold black and white prints and black night tables.  The shaped headboard is echoed on the footboard as well.

CR Laine

Interior designer Tobi Fairley’s collection for CR Laine uses a masterful mix of color, pattern, shape and texture in this living room vignette.

These photos are just a fraction of the beauties I found at High Point.  I’ll be posting more of my finds on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow me there!   xo Anne



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