14 Aug 2012

A Magic Carpet, really?

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A Magic Carpet Ride

While exploring carpet options for my lovely clients’ home, Mike, the manager at ProSource Tampa, was excited to show me a carpet that is actually magic. First, he opened this little plastic container in which, he explained, was a piece of carpet that had been soaked in ammonia. Phew, it still stank. Then he opened another container and explained that this piece of carpet had also been soaked in ammonia, at the same time as the stinky carpet. But this carpet had no bad smell at all.

Accidents do happen!

The carpet, called Magic Fresh by Beaulieu, breaks down the noxious smells of pet urine, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, etc. and in about 30-90 minutes, converts the smelly compounds into carbon dioxide, naturally and effortlessly.  It lasts up to 10 years or 5 hot professional extraction cleanings.

Kids and pets love to lie on the carpet

My lovely clients have an older dog and a toddler grandchild, so what did I spec for their guest room? A Magic Carpet, of course.  And if they don’t like it for any reason (although it feels heavenly on bare feet and is guaranteed to last for decades), there’s a 60 day no-questions-asked warranty.  Sounds pretty magical to me!


4 Responses to “A Magic Carpet, really?”

  1. Tamara Matthews-Stephenson says:

    Hi A: love this post — will archive it for reference with a client who has a new puppy. I have been swamped lately and sadly not enough time to read all my favorite blogs, but I just set up a new reader (yay) and now can catch up with you and others on my ipad while running around in my day…I hope you are settled into your home. xo tamara

    going over to add you to my blogroll too…have a great day!

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  3. Architect says:

    I am getting an error on this page that is making it hard to read. It looks like the text is getting pushed all the way to right. Maybe it is the old browser I am using.

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