04 May 2010

The Other Big Apple

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As you can tell from my prior posts, I love Apples.  One of my apple loves is New York City, the #1 Big Apple.

via vintagetexas.com/blog

Here’s the surprising explanation of how New York City got to be called The Big Apple.

But the other Big Apple is also dear to my heart.  I’m referring of course to Apple, Inc.

Apple Inc.

For an interesting little history lesson on how the Apple logo came to be, visit Edible Apple.

My love affair started with a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago, a snazzy iPod engraved with love from my kids.

what my great kids got for me

The iPhone then followed and the convenience of being able to check email, get directions, access my contacts, was a godsend.

my micro computer

The fun progressed to a MacBook Pro laptop so I could make presentations to my clients.   I signed up for mobile me and it was like a miracle that all my information updated automatically on both my iPhone and the MacBook.

my medium computer

Using my Apple was just so darn intuitive, I was hooked.  I signed up for the One-to-One training and it was fantastic.  52 weeks of personal training to learn anything and everything I wanted and needed to know about using my Apple – and the people are so darn nice at the Apple stores.    My only regret is that I didn’t switch to Apple sooner.  I still have a sour memory of going into a Gateway store to pick up a computer for one of our kids.  The salespeople there couldn’t have made it any more obvious that they didn’t give a you-know-what about us.  At that time, I still had my desktop PC but increasingly neglected it, preferring to use my Mac even though the screen was only 15″.   I’d never have thought I’d fall in love with a computer, but I’m never ever ever going back to PC.

Last year for my birthday, my dream came true and I was the ecstatic owner of an iMac with a 27″ screen.

my super-sized computer

The PC went in the giveaway pile (after the hard drive was scrubbed clean) and I haven’t missed it one iota.  On the iMac,  I can have multiple windows open and actually see them all.  I can have my design rendering software up, multiple browser windows open, and iPhoto and PhotoShop open and a year later, it still runs like lightning.  And I think it will be a looong time before I make a dent in the 4 gigs of memory.   We also bought an Apple Time Capsule and it’s been working like a charm.  That’s what I like, computer equipment that does the grunt work while making it easy to do the fun stuff.

some day I'll get one

So the latest Apple is the iPad, with 1 million of them sold in 28 days.  Do I need one?  Not really.  Do I want one?   Of course!   Once again, Apple creates amazing products with features we didn’t even know we wanted – yet.

Just right for travel

The very cool iPad here.  If you’re considering getting an iPad, here’s a review of the Wi-Fi only vs. the Wi-Fi with 3G.

My next post will be more on my adventures in this Big Apple!


Before I go, I want to share this pic of a literally big apple.  This structure is a restaurant – pie bakery built in 1987 in Colborne, Ontario on the starting point of the Apple Route scenic drive.  It is 35 feet high and 38 feet wide, could hold 653,800 real apples and the Big Apple Oven could bake 144 pies at once.  In 1995, about a half a million people visited this Big Apple.

a pie restaurant!

Cute photos of kids “holding up” the Big Apple

the literal big apple

I enjoy a good apple pie, but I’d rather visit New York City any day!


4 Responses to “The Other Big Apple”

  1. Lisa Porter says:

    In my wildest dreams…..I have been to the city though…and I love a crunchy Gala….that counts, right?

  2. Marcia Blake says:

    I totally agree!! I actually had a Mac way back when it wasn’t so popular! At that time there was not enough software and a large following so I ended up moving to a PC. I bought from Dell & Gateway, but problems after problems caused me to look at the Mac again. Then one of my sons, while in college got a job at the Apple Store. Now we are Huge fans of All things Apple. We all 6 of us in my immediate family have iPhones, MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPods and now 3 of us already have the iPad:) It is pretty funny when my husband, my son and I are all sitting in the family room working, playing, & responding to email on our iPads!! You should get one soon;)

    • Anne says:

      Oooh you have an iPad, Marcia?! I’d love to hear what you like about it and how you use it. I can see using it when you’re out and about, but at home I just use my MB Pro. I know what you mean, when my kids are both here, we’re at varying times plugged into our MacBooks or iPhones or iPods or iMac or iPods but it’s funny when we’re doing it simultaneously!

      Once you go Mac, you never go back! I’ve been thinking lately what can I as a designer do to inspire such fervent brand loyalty?

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