04 May 2010

Party Time!

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Spring is here (although in Florida it’s starting to feel like summer) and that means it’s time to party!  Need some inspiration on how to decorate your party table? Or even what kind of party?

Here’s an easy and inexpensive source of inspiration that will perk up any table.  They’re called “Themenaps” and they are napkins that stand up (you can almost imagine them cheering!).   They come in an endless array of colors and themes.  Some styles you can even personalize so they serve as place cards too.  Just write your guests’ names with a Sharpie and unlike most napkins, the ink won’t run.  Pair these chic napkins with fresh flowers and votive candles and voila! your table is well on its way to being decorated.

One of my favorite motifs is birds.  I adore bird themes in fabric and wallpaper but honestly, it’s a little surprising because I had a “traumatic experience” with a bird when I was 11.  I was at an older girl’s house trying to soak up some coolness and she had a pet parakeet.  While we were sitting on the floor having cookies and milk (seriously, I even remember the kind of cookie and I still look for them, no luck so far), the bird escaped its cage and landed on my head, with its little claws grabbing my hair.  Being the poised preteen that I was, I immediately screamed and tried to swat it off, earning me a sharp rebuke from the girl’s grandmother.  Fortunately the bird was nimble enough to escape the swat, we both fully recovered and now I just love birds!

This says “Happy Spring” to me!

These are perfect for a graduation party!  My son just gradated from the University of Florida and my daughter (also a UF grad) will be getting her Ph.D in Chemistry from Penn State this fall so I’m planning a Double Grad Party and plan to use these on the tables.

Or maybe I’ll use the blue

How about a wine tasting party?  I’m always up for wine!

Or Coffee Klatsch?  I’m always up for coffee too!

Cute for a bridal shower or Weddings

And isn’t this cute for a mom-to-be?

I love these for the mix of patterns and colors.  And you can use a Sharpie to write your guests’ names (in your best calligraphy of course) and the ink won’t bleed

My son was craaaazy about Toucans when he was little.  How cute is this?

Loving the pink, green, black and white and what a cute place card too

chic girls’ night out?  Or for the woman who is turning a birthday ending in a zero (someone who’d appreciate the reference to sexy?

Of course, for Birthday parties!

or just having friends over for cake and coffee

Can we have a party to celebrate a successful shopping trip?!

(and yes, I do love pink with black and white!)

Or this for an afternoon tea party? (I also love pink and green)

Lest you think they don’t have themes geared for men – these are perfect for that special outdoorsman for Father’s Day.

Next time I host the annual face-off between the Florida Gators and the Florida Seminoles, these will be a great way to choose sides!  It’s no secret that

I’m proud to be a Florida Gator!

How bout a 4th of July Party?

Or a Fireworks Party?

4th of July

Summertime is fast approaching, how about a beach or pool party?


There are lots of reasons to party coming up:

  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5 – tomorrow!)
  • Graduations
  • Mother’s Day (May 9)
  • Memorial Day (May 31)
  • Father’s Day (June 20)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

ThemeNaps are made in the USA from eco-friendly 100% recycled tissue and FDA-approved food grade inks.  And they’re inexpensive, under $10 for a gift box of 16.  Visit them at www.themenaps.com

So what kind of party are you planning?

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